Maya Ofir, one of Israel's outstanding jewelers, was born and raised in the Galilean village of Rosh Pina and lives today in Ein Hod, in the Carmel Mountains overlooking the Mediterranean. Her work is sold to private customers, collectors, shops, galleries, and museums in Israel, Europe, and the United States.

Maya's work is a fusion of ethnic motifs and contemporary design. Using materials like ancient glass, amber, cornelian, Persian turquoise, and rose diamonds together with 24 carat gold and sterling silver, she combines the old and the new in striking and organic ways. A luminous moonstone wrapped in its carapace of gold makes an exquisite earring; rare and carefully chosen beads from all over the world, weathered by centuries of sun, earth, and air, meet on a necklace's silver chain as if they had traveled so far and so long just to be with each other. Every perfectly fashioned and placed element in Maya's work enhances every other. Her pieces are a dialogue with nature and history that never ceases to surprise and to delight.

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